Featured Artist - Hyatt Art and Interiors

Kathy Hyatt is a professional artist with an art studio located in Madeira, Ohio. Kathy attended the ACA College of Design. While living in Pittsburgh, Kathy first began by painting a nursery mural for a friend and from that single job, launched her mural, custom wall treatment and faux finishing business. While building her business, she started teaching art classes to children in after school programs and with private lessons.

In 2004, Kathy moved back to Madeira and started painting Garden Art Stones. The concrete garden stone's popularity led Kathy to open a retail space in Madeira in August 2009. In her store front, Hyatt Art & Interiors, Kathy sells not only the garden stones but other painted items like flower pots, mailboxes and bird baths!

After purchasing a bird bath, bird house, flower pot or mailbox from JBritten & Company, bring it over to Kathy and she will add some flare and originality to your outdoor decor! Kathy is located at 7813 Laurel Ave, Madeira, Ohio 45243. You can reach her at 513-561-0677.