Featured Artist - Carruth Studio


Carruth Studio manufactures hand cast stone sculptures designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth. These whimsical sculptures are used as garden art, memorials, and interior decorations.

Carruth Studio was born in 1983 in the garage of George and Deb Carruth. "Plant a Smile in Your Garden" has been their desire from the beginning. It all started when George carved a cherub face into a rough piece of sandstone using only screwdrivers and gave it as a gift to his wife Deb. Deb immediately placed it in the flower bed and saw the potential of hand carved stones as garden accents.

Carruth products are some of the most collected sculptures in America. Each Carruth Studio piece is:

  • Original and copyrighted
  • Designed by nationally renowned sculptor, George Carruth
  • Hand cast in stone
  • Hand finished with a patina wash to accentuate the detail
  • Collectible
  • Gift boxed
  • Made in the USA

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